After several unsuccessful attempts at yoga I've finally found something I can stick to! Veena's class is the perfect way to unwind after a busy working week. The main focus is on relaxation so it leaves me feeling chilled out and ready for the weekend. The poses are suitable for all levels of abilities; so there's no fear of looking foolish if you're a newcomer but there's still scope to challenge yourself and progress over time. If I can do it, anyone can!

Jackie, 38yrs, Balham

I started attending Veena's yoga class 11 weeks after having my baby via caesarean section. The class was an instant sanctuary for my tired mind and body. It allowed me to refuel my energy for my baby, and to take some well needed time out for myself. Veena is incredibly engaging, and her classes always instantly energising. I always feel so much better for attending, particularly on those days when all I feel like doing is crashing in bed. I can't recommended Veena's classes enough.

Ruth, South London

Veena is everything you'd want in a yoga teacher: She has the perfect balance of taking her yoga seriously but not taking herself too seriously, her classes are fun, challenging, insightful and incredibly rewarding. She adapts to whoever is in the class on a given day and keeps an eye on everyone individually without ever making you feel singled out. Veena's commitment to professional development and research mean that her classes are interesting as well.

Abby, 35yrs, Osteopath, South London

After two previous yoga classes, I've found a class that I'd really like to highly recommend. Not just because it's fun and has an all embracing and encouraging atmosphere with a unique blend of focuses. Veena doesn't just make my body insist on the great good her class does for it but I am finding more and more that it positively effects other areas of my life. It's very high on my list of favourite things in my life.

John Cormican, South London

I have been a regular at Veena's classes right from when they began. They are suitable for all levels whether you are a beginner or more experienced. They have helped me enormously. I have a stressful job and I find after Veena's class the stress and tension has completely disappeared . I also have had a lot of back pain in the past and have found Veena's yoga class has helped this enormously - I now couldn't live without yoga- it has become a way of life for me. Veena is an exceptional teacher and I would highly recommend her classes

Jodie Millensted, London